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product is certified
Space Smoke hookah paste has been tested and certified on the results of voluntary product certification.
Natural ingredients
Space Smoke paste is a clear product that consists of natural ingredients of the highest quality.
tax stamp is not required
You can take the paste anywhere with you without any restrictions. The tax stamp is not required for a tobacco-free hookah paste.
best conditions
Now is the best moment to partner up with Space Smoke. Our company is taking off, growing every day, and our production is increasing. And this is just the beginning. Our next goal is to go global.
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Due to the patented mineral base,
the rich taste stays through the whole
smoking session. There’s no other
tobacco mix like this.
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Less harm
Tight smoke
Heat resistance
Artem Borodavkin

Со-founder of Space Smoke
7 years in hookah industry

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Frequently asked questions
What is the consistency of the paste?
Space Smoke paste is an innovative tobacco-free mineral-based hookah mix. It consists of a patented mineral base, clear glycerol, nature-identical flavoring substances and liquid nicotine.
What is the right way of using the paste?
The tube is comfortable to use. There are no strong rules. The most important thing is to leave the space between the paste and the foil or kaloud.
How strong is the flavor?
All flavors of the line are about 3-4 on the scale of strength, but there's also a "Hardness" booster that can be used to strengthen a hookah. A little amount of it can help you to achieve the level you need.
What are the main benefits of the paste?
1. Rich and strong taste.
2. Endless ways of mixing the flavors.
3. Longer smoking sessions (about 2 hours).
4. The high heat-resistance allows the paste to keep its taste and strength through the whole smoking session.
5. Hygienic and comfortable tube. It takes 15 sec to pack the bowl keeping your hands clean.
How much paste is needed for one loading?
It takes about 10 to 15g of the paste for one loading. The big tube lasts for 8-10 loadings. For the convenience we’ve created a mini version of the tube (30g) for 2-3 loadings. It’s a perfect chance to try a new flavor.
How long does it take to warm up the paste?
The paste has high heat-resistance, so it needs more time to warm up, unlike classic tobacco mix. On average, it is about 7-8 minutes using 4 coals (25mm size).
What kind of bowls are better for the paste?
We recommend to use Phunnel bowls for your own comfort.
Is it okay to mix the paste with tobacco?
The paste gives you endless opportunities to mix the flavors. Space Smoke basic line includes 19 flavors, which you can use separately, mix together or mix with tobacco
Where can I try Space Smoke paste?
You can order it online or via manager, leave a request and we will contact you.
4 main reasons to
work with Space Smoke
Wow - effect
  • It’s an innovative product
    on Russian market.
  • Attracting and retaining
    customers with a new
    product and positive
  • The paste is tobacco-free.
    The tax stamp is
    not required.
  • It is allowed to be used
    in a public place.
  • Expensive European
    eco-ingredients, our own
    production and patented
  • This premium product costs
    lower by half than tobacco
    products in the segment.
  • Can be mixed with tobacco.
  • The line for customization:

    Hardness — Strength
    Black Hole — Ice
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